"No bragging. No name calling. Let the work speak for itself..."
- Tony Rock

New York Times

So Chris Rock Is Your Big Brother? Try Comedy

Professionally, Tony and Jordan have kept a distance from Chris. They described a generational gulf as well as one created by his fame. When Tony started his standup career, Chris was already a celebrity in New York City. When Jordan started, Chris was a megastar. It was important to the younger brothers to create lanes for themselves. The Rock name was both a gift and a burden, but neither felt compelled to lean on....

BET Black Card Revoked

7 Things You Didn't Know About Tony Rock

From growing up during a rough era in Bed-Stuy to striking out on his own as a successful comic, Tony Rock has had a journey worth talking about....

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Tony Rock's Favorite Comedian 

'The Game of Dating' host Tony Rock comes from a competitive family where jokes are a form of currency....

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